Sunday, November 15, 2009

omegle conversations

Connecting to server...
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: @lewisusher/jellybean?
You: yes
Stranger: yes what?
You: yes, jellybean please Signed, Lewis Usher
Stranger: here you go
You: oh thanks idiot
Stranger: what?
You: I was thanking you, idiot
Stranger: why am i idiot
Stranger: ?
You: you tell me stupid
Stranger: gaar meanie
Stranger: your not really lewis are you?
You: don't tell me who i am and who i amn't
Stranger: are you lewis though?
Stranger: ?
You: I am
You: and I amn't
Stranger: ok well if you are then you need to know that im @Bondie09
You: roger
Stranger: roger?
You: I can't believe you wanted to talk to a stranger
Stranger: i didnt i wanted to talk to lewis
You: lewis is strange
Stranger: who r u? are you roger?
You: I'm the nectar from your boner
You: the wind for your peen
Stranger: but im not a guy
You: you can have boner nectar and not be a guy
You: women are comprised of 28 percent boner nectar
You: that's actually more than guys
Stranger: umm what?!
Stranger: if you arent lewis then im gone
You: honey, have a seat
Stranger: im sitting
You: I'm going to tell you something
You: and it's not going to be easy
You: but keep in mind that it's the truth
Stranger: ok
Stranger: shhot
You: I'm not
Stranger: shoot*
You: ....
You: I.... I'm not Lewis
Stranger: nooooooo!
Stranger: thats sad sad new
Stranger: s
Stranger: but you have been fun
Stranger: twitter?
You: are you asking me if I twitter?
You: like twitter my vagina?
Stranger: tyes
You: yes, at night
Stranger: lol
Stranger: whats your twitter
You: it's a horizontal twitter of sorts, strong focus on clitoral stimulation]
Stranger: umm ok
Stranger: whats your @
Stranger: your twitter @
You: I my twitter is usually at home
You: in bed or otherwise
You: usually in bed
Stranger: no whats your name on twitter
You: my name is the same as it is when I'm not twittering
You: it's not changed at all
Stranger: lol ur funny
You: I don't understand
Stranger: why?
You: explain everything you know
You: i'm confused
Stranger: ok one sec
Stranger: i know that im pretty cool and your funny and my tongue feels salty and i had subway for lunch, lizards can grow their tails back and umm jelly beans rock
You: you were the girl in juno, no?
You: loves it
Stranger: i unfortunately was not
You: you lie hahaha *flirts*
Stranger: haha oh you
You: we're great friends now, i like it
You: hey so what's your mom been up to?
You: yeah just goin to school
You: .... workin'
Stranger: yes we are like bffls
Stranger: yeah my mums being doin stuff
You: right on, that's good to hear
You: you guys still livin' in the same place?
You: yeah, yeah, no I totally feel ya
Stranger: yeah saame place same time u?
You: yeah
Stranger: good good
Stranger: hows your brother? (do you have a brother?)
You: no i lost my family in the tsunami, you know that
You: how rude
Stranger: omg im so sorry i just forgot coz your taking it so well
Stranger: oh crap imma have to go do you have twitter coz if you do follow me @Bondie09 and ill follow you then we'll talk
You: follow me home
You: so i can rape you
Stranger: no lol
You: trying to get me to follow YOUR twitter?
Stranger: yes
You: no, right on that's cool
You: no, i totally feel you
Stranger: kk well follow be and yeah
Stranger: me*
You: yeah I'll hang out on your page
You: probably most of the day tomorrow
Stranger: yeah you do that matey
You: kay
Stranger: bye bye now
You: well okay
You: goodbye then
Your conversational partner has disconnected.


Connecting to server...
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: female with msn and webcam?
You: yes that describes me well
Stranger: whats ur msn?
You: who wants to know?
Stranger: me
You: state your name potential cyber-sex candidate
Stranger: phil
You: I need something to work with here if we're gonna do this
You: phil, that's a miserable faggot's name
You: give me a fake one, that'll have to do
You: We'll call you cumstain gaypoops
You: it's less gay than Phil
Stranger: ok :L
You: so I'll start
You: i'm all out of faith
You: this is how i feel
You: i'm laying naked on your floor spreading my vag
You: make your move
Stranger: do this on msn?
You: I dont' have that in my country
Stranger: webcam?
You: i might be able to dig one up
You: i'm surrounded by junk
Stranger: lol
You: it's hard to even hear you through all this junk
Stranger: do u have any pics?
You: yes i have pictures, yes
You: pictures of me i presume?
You: yes i have those
Stranger: can i see some :)
You: I can send you some of my favorite pictures
Stranger: ok :D
You: it's all part of
Stranger: hmmm
You: I'll build up to the pictures of me
You: and start off with my favorites
Stranger: cool
You: okay this next one is my fave band
You: try it on for size
You: in your browser
Stranger: can i have a pic of u?
You: i get to show you 20 more of my favorite pics
You: then you unlock mepics
Stranger: ok
You: okay, but I need to ask you questions about each one so I know you looked at it
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
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