Sunday, May 2, 2010

omegle > chat roulette

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: are you horny chick with cam ?
You: milk the nectar
You: yeah
You: milk your nectar on my chest
Stranger: ur msn?
You: my mission is to please
Stranger: what
You: you asked my mission
Stranger: gimme ur msn
Stranger: im wanking
You: to please
Stranger: i want to see u and cum
You: Send me some cum
You: I will use it
Stranger: sure
Stranger: first make me cum
You: okay nectar bringer
You: I thirst for the holy nectar
Stranger: yea
Stranger: give me ur msn
You: okay, where do we go from here
Stranger: i wanna watch u and cunt
You: my mission is to please you baby
You: mmmm i want you to watch me and cunt
Stranger: cum
Stranger: babe
Stranger: do it
Stranger: fast
You: okay i'll do it and cunt
You: i'll
You: do
You: it
You: and
You: cunt
Stranger: yea
Stranger: or yahoo
Stranger: give me
Stranger: msn
You: place your member on my flesh mounds
You: aka breastfeedes
You: *feeders
You: ever feed on tit nectar?
You: nourishing
You: to say the lease
You: *least
You: sorry can't type, i have a sculpture of your dick in my hand
You: i've been sculpting it since this conversation began
You: Certain personality traits reveal a lot about your boner shape
You: i'm thinkin' big and thick
You: and full of nectar
Stranger: i wanked]
Stranger: and all necter came out
You: oh good
Stranger: woo
You: okay, could you send me some of the nectar
You: that's very essential to my mission
Stranger: ok
Stranger: lick it all
Stranger: bahha
You: well, that's not on the addendum
You: but if we end up with some extra time i'll consider
Stranger: i wacthed
Stranger: cam in
Stranger: adultfriendfinder site
You: did you find an adult friend?
You: other than myself
You: jesus, how many adult friends have you found
You: i feel dirty
Stranger: what
Stranger: i dont give fuck abt request
Stranger: i just use that site to see cam
You: do you see cum?
You: so you watch the cam and pretend I am the person on the cam?
Stranger: i like
Stranger: to wank seing cam
Stranger: rather than watchinfg porn
You: i don't understand
Stranger: hmm
Stranger: nvm
Stranger: where are u from? and are u old?
You: I come from within the earth and I am older than you could ever imagine
You: I predate man
You: and I am cumming
You: and it feels so good
Stranger: i know right
Stranger: nth feels good than that
Stranger: hahaha
Stranger: age>
You: nth feels good than that is right
Stranger: ??
You: twenty somethin' if you catch my drift
You: I'm in my young teens
Stranger: i see
Stranger: whats ur age
Stranger: dont be too confusing
You: 15 and a half
Stranger: i rarelly understand what u english is not good
You: 17 in 6 months
Stranger: 15 and half? wtf
Stranger: really?
You: mostly
You: well, mainly
Stranger: u sound like old woman of abt
Stranger: 34
Stranger: who likes man slaves
Stranger: hahahahaa
You: I have older woman sensibilities
You: my love for slave men is part of my love for dystopian sci-fi
Stranger: haha
Stranger: cant understand
Stranger: but i cant
Stranger: believe u r 16 yrs old
You: well how old are you?
You: I'm probably about the same age
Stranger: same age??
Stranger: with ehom?
Stranger: whom
You: same age as you
You: probably
You: what kind of age do you look for in a potential lover
Stranger: u think i am 16 yrs old kidd?
Stranger: lol
Stranger: i am 18
You: i'm trying to figure out how old I am
Stranger: little girl
Stranger: 19
Stranger: sorry
You: I am ancient, earthling
You: I predate your species
Stranger: i bet you are typing this advance sentence in order to confuse me
Stranger: u are not like this normally
Stranger: jajajaja
You: pfft, mortals
Stranger: do play computer games like call of duty??
You: i don't play your reindeer games, pal
Stranger: i see
Stranger: i need key code for it
You: I have one
Stranger: i dont have credit card
Stranger: jajaja
You: It's written on the inside of my bottom rib
You: cut my chest open and get it outt
You: that would get me goin'
You: the juices flowin'
Stranger: hahaha
Stranger: u know what
Stranger: i just can understand 20% of things u type
Stranger: lol
You: I'm no statician
You: but I'm going to provide some statistics anyway
You: 100% of you is the worst
You: 0% of you is best
Stranger: hmm
Stranger: ok
You: stats make me cum
Stranger: wtf
Stranger: haha i cant understand a bir
Stranger: bit
Stranger: yet ok
Stranger: i am going to play game now
Stranger: bored now
You: have fun with your reindeer games my child
Stranger: yea ppl of 50 yrs age also play those reindeer games
Stranger: its so cool indeed
You: okay lets end this
Stranger: and i joked little old lady...i am not horny guy bahahaha
Stranger: k it was nice..=) see u next time here if chance
You: fuck you
You: i thought you were horny
You: that's fucked up
Stranger: u r not that lucky to fuck me
Stranger: =)
Stranger: my friend
You: I am fuming
Stranger: hahaha
You: you said you were fucking horny
You: this is bullshit
Stranger: u were cumming and now u wre fuming:P
Stranger: yea i lied..
Stranger: sorry
Stranger: i did big mistake?
Stranger: :S
You: you did big mistake buddy
You: BIG mistake
Stranger: hahaha
Stranger: probably
Stranger: but what mistake
Stranger: u dint showed anything
You: disconnect
Stranger: or else
Stranger: :D
Stranger: ok see u nxt time
Stranger: old lady
You: disconnect from my life
Stranger: lets kill some nazis
You: disconnect from this life
Stranger: haha
Stranger: nope
You: world at war is horrible
Stranger: i love my life
Stranger: thanks for ur support
Stranger: i like ur kindness for horny guys
Stranger: hahaha
You: fuckin' worst
Stranger: lol
Stranger: sorry
Stranger: my teenager friend
Stranger: haha
Stranger: are u really 15??
You: I was born July 13th of the year 15
Stranger: yesterday was my birthday
You: i hope you wept all day
Stranger: wept? means?
You: and wrestled with the blues
You: cried
You: like a coward
Stranger: no i just wasted my money
Stranger: and got a new car
Stranger: wanna see in cam>
Stranger: ?
Stranger: im right inside it now
Stranger: jajaja
Stranger: i got very less ppl do celebreate birthday coz i have no free time mostly
You: You have no friends because you are the worst? okay, that's cool
Stranger: no not worst
Stranger: i have friend
Stranger: but they dont meet my class
Stranger: i dont like hanging around with ordinary ppl
Stranger: jajajajaa
Stranger: i dont mean in that way
Stranger: but hmm
Stranger: yea
You: what kind of people do you like hanging around with
Stranger: hmmm
Stranger: mostly with girls
Stranger: rich chicks
Stranger: and my dad's friends
Stranger: like VIP's
You: rich chicks and your dad's VIP friends
You: sounds like a crowd of garbage people
Stranger: haha for u may be
You: I hope they stab you to death at a party
Stranger: but they are awesome
You: in front of a bunch of partiers
You: and the partiers come up
Stranger: my dad's fren's gifted me ferrarri
Stranger: u can see if u want in cam
Stranger: they are cool
Stranger: dont say them garbage
Stranger: loll
You: and pour beer on your corpse and reminisced on how shitty of a person you were
You: and they'll all quickly come to agreement that you were the worst person on the planet
Stranger: hahaha
You: and that your loss was a great help to mankind
Stranger: why are u mad wth me?
You: and this would cause them to party twice as hard
You: They party till the sun comes up
Stranger: thanks
Stranger: same to u my friend
You: and when it rises into the sky, they fall asleep on each other
Stranger: =))
You: and wake up hours later
Stranger: i hope that will happen with ppl in yr circle
You: and somebody remembers that you died the night before
Stranger: =)
You: and word gets around
You: and everybody remembers you are dead
Stranger: hahaha
Stranger: wtf
You: and, though they had planned to go home
You: they start partying again
You: and they laugh at a slideshow of your life
Stranger: u know whats the history of ur evolution?
Stranger: lmfao
Stranger: i got story
Stranger: :P
Stranger: yea
Stranger: god was making you
Stranger: and he got emerngency call
Stranger: and now what to do?? work was incomplete
Stranger: he just throwed u in this earth in half completed work with no brains and shit life
Stranger: thinking u can be a joke to ppl
Stranger: and make them laugh
Stranger: ***the end***
Stranger: :P:PP
Stranger: hjahahahha
You: God was making you and half way through he dropped you and jerked off on you
You: he picked you up and poot you on the cookie sheet
You: and as he slid you into the oven, he laughed to himself
You: and his wife came in and said "honey, what's so funny?"
You: and he opened the oven and showed her you on the baking sheet
You: and she burst into laughter
You: and exlaimed "Dear, I think that's the worst one you've ever made"