Friday, February 12, 2010

Omegle tyme

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: Heh, what's up
Stranger: not much. the sky, ect.
You: Yo, you wanna get out of here?
Stranger: yeah.
You: Hop in
You: *pulls up in cock shaped car*
You: hop in my fuckin cock shaped car puta
Stranger: oh im in it babe
You: Alright lets get the fuck outta here
You: *does a brody*
Stranger: sick wheels babe
You: Thanks faggot
Stranger: where we heading?
You: lets kiss
Stranger: lets fuck
You: We're going by my mom's place
You: I have to pick up some diapers
Stranger: can she come with us?
You: There's a baby coming out of my cunt
Stranger: fair enough
You: and i need to put it in a diaper so I can get rid of it
You: Look
You: I'll finish giving birth and we can get rid of the baby
You: toss it off the bridge on our way to mom's
Stranger: can we kill it then rape its dead body?
You: then you can get up in my guts with your peenstick
You: we can kill it, but don't get your dick near my son
You: I'll still care for him like a normal mother
Stranger: i dont have a dick you bitch
You: Well put your private skin into me
Stranger: nah thanks imma gonna get my taxi and leave
You: No taxi is going to come near your sorry ass
You: covered in baby guts and my cunt gore
Stranger: shit, *pulls out rape whistle*
You: get real
Stranger: oh baby i am
You: so where to shitter
Stranger: yes yes indeed
You: where are we going
You: we've been sitting in my car forever
Stranger: your place my place
You: alright *brodies*
Stranger: i dont care i want you BAD
You: oh shit, I forgot I gotta stop by my mom's
Stranger: hurry up!!
You: Hey mom!
You: Here for the diapers
You: this is my faggot friend from the internet
You: Ignore him/her
Stranger: hey
You: *grabs diapers*
You: *fills pockets with diapers*
You: *opens frige and grabs a slice of leftover pizza
You: *walks back into the car*
Stranger: hey can u hurry up...
You: I got these diapers so we could cum in them
Stranger: excellent ;)
You: Alright *hands you a diaper*
You: cum in that for me, I'm hungry
Stranger: sure here you go
You: put your snack in the fuckin' diaper
You: i'm jonesin' for sum'n to munch on
Stranger: it is you dumb shit
You: Oh alright, hold the wheel
You: *presses diaper against face*
You: *slurping sounds*
Stranger: *throws up in corner*
You: This is the worst cum I've ever tasted
You: I've never had bad cum
You: didn't know it existed
Stranger: *car swerves *
Stranger: *you die*
You: Your dick makes the worst cum
Stranger: thats cos i dont have oe babe
Stranger: *one
You: Well whatever that is
You: it makes horrible cum
You: you should change your diet
You: *pulls over*
You: get the fuck out of my car, go on
You: come on, get outta my car
You: take your terrible cum with youy
Stranger: im already gone
You: *spits cum into kleenex*
You: *throws it out the window towards you*
You: *brodies off*
Stranger: lol good times
You: *flips the bird*
Stranger: yeh you bore me
Stranger: you american mommy's boy or girl
You: I'm african
Stranger: i mean diapers dont even exist in my country
You: sounds like a shithole
Stranger: hahahh see what yu did there
Stranger: its not btw
Stranger: its AMAZING
Stranger: ur jealous
Your conversational partner has disconnected.