Monday, June 29, 2009

The post Michael Jackson era of Rotten Yella.

Hello there everyone. If you are reading this, Michael Jackson is no longer with us. Many other unfortunate souls have also passed on since we last spoke. People from regions where talent is given no chance to thrive and develop. Perhaps among these corpses there is a body that may have been a more prominent and admirable "King of pop" if given the materials and life span. I think what I'm doing here is trying to express how annoyed I am with the media's response to his passing. Several days later there are still multiple MJ related headlines on Yahoo's front page. Some of these headlines have even stated that he died "before his time"... this strikes me as being blatantly untrue, and I think that even MJ himself may agree with me here. His "time" ended quite a few years ago, when he stopped releasing decent music and named his kid Blanket. His body even began decomposing at an alarming rate. The last time I recall seeing him in the news was when he was photographed hanging his son off of a balcony. A terrifying image it was; a ghastly husk of a man smirking as he dangled a frightened child off of a ledge... Acknowledge his passing by revisiting his music and dancing around with your wiener out, but do not weep for him my children, for even as a godless heathen I can say with some confidence that he is in a better place.

Anyway, here's the Rotten Yellow logo as it appeared on page with a little color modification. In addition you will see that I started to draw an Indian chief on the same page and lost interest.

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