Monday, February 16, 2009

Turkey drawing progress.

So about a week ago or maybe more, a friend who I will just refer to as Courtney, female companion of my dear gentlefriend Derek, told me to draw somethin' and when I asked just what I should draw she presented me with this photo:

Most people have seen that my drawing techniques are pretty much incapable of capturing any kind of charm or cuteness, so I did some research (previous post) and took my own swing at the modern turkey as we know it. Here is the current state of the drawing, I wanted to get it scanned in because I will likely ruin it when I add watercolor and/or add a body. Kind of a bad scan, but bear with me. Or shall I say TURKEY with me. No, that's stupid.

(click for big)

1 comment:

  1. NICE!!! I really like this by itself, you should do a new one with a body. And, yes, print out a copy and do some color to it. That way you can experiment over and over again.