Thursday, January 22, 2009

Review of the movie "Taken"

I just finished this movie and I am proud to announce that I am presenting it with the coveted Morgan's Choice Award. It was pretty close to perfect. Liam Neeson kills everybody whose ever existed in attempt to save his daughter from the most deplorable kidnappers on the planet. To be fair, a 3d model of Liam Neeson rotating on my television screen for 2 hours would have received the Morgan's Choice award as well, but in this movie he does much more than rotate. He stabs people, shoots people, runs people over, rotates, and knows everything. The whole time I was thinking about how much it reminded me of The Professional, and it turns out Luc Besson (sp) had a hand in writing the script. Well, I can say with little hesitation that it is his best project since The Fifth Element. As for the director, all he has done prior to this film was District B13 which was a pretty fun action movie... But yeah, Taken was awesome. They make you hate the bad guys so much that you wish you could ride on Liam Neeson's shoulder and talk shit like a parrot as he kills them.


  1. i can't wait to see all those amazing things... and take a ride on the shoulder of Liam

  2. watched it last night...SO GOOD

  3. watched it yesterday, i thought it was a pretty ok action movie
    i have a list of problems
    first and foremost liam nieson's hair color is despicable
    her friend who was supposed to be 19 looked 32
    the characters had the depth of a frisbee

    the great things were the new things this movie did that will be ripped off by other movies like diehard was
    the torture scene was brutal, how he got the guy who he tortured was amazing
    and i always thought if i was in a shootout in a isolated room and more people were coming to the room i'd lay down and act dead and shoot people as they came in

    liam ripped me off