Tuesday, January 20, 2009

So this is how it's gonna be...

Let me preface this post, and this blog, by reminding friends and informing new acquaintances that although I am technically an adult, I am known to frequently display very juvenile forms of humor... I will draw a penis on your things, or give somebody five dollars to pee on your things, etc. So this is a disclaimer of sorts to anybody who may be shocked by the childish nature of some of my drawings or postings in general. I'm thinking that perhaps a family member or mentor of sorts may stumble upon this and be taken aback by some of the more vulgar content. I'm simply keeping my creativity in touch with my youthful foolishness for as long as possible, because soon it will be gone and I will have nothing to offer but portraits of my favorite celebrities and paint-by-numbers of a shoreline or some photos from a trip to the zoo. JUDGE NOT YE!


Anyhow, I've worked as a video game tester for almost 2 years now. And every so often we have down time at work. So when I find myself waiting for a copy of my game, or just have nothing to do during break time, I often do some doodlin' in my notebook. When I feel I've made something worth keeping, I'll tear it out and throw it in my backpack... So, over the next couple weeks I'm gonna be posting some of these drawings for you gentlepeople to peruse. I'll just pull one from the pile now and scan it... Then I'm gonna go watch the new Battlestar Galactica episode and drink a tasty beerdrink.

1 comment:

  1. I like how that crustacean guy is trying to steal the picture by smiling for the camera.

    I think you are perfectly mature in all the right ways. The day you post a portrait of your favorite celebrity is the day that I raise an eyebrow in your direction!

    It is Ian McShane right? Viggo? Leo???? Jk Jk Jk