Saturday, January 24, 2009

Who says you can't teach an old cat new tricks?

I don't think anybody says that. But this post is to make sure nobody ever does.

Our cat-child Katerina (aka Katman) can be a real bitch. She'll meow incessantly for no good reason and scratch things really loudly to wake us up in the morning. I've been training her though. Using a standard plastic spray bottle, I've been squirting her with water every time she gives me lip, and recently I've noticed great improvements. Now when she starts to act up all I have to do is grab the spray bottle and point it at her and she cowers away quietly. I have never felt this powerful in my life. It makes me want to punch something. I'll start with Megan and see how I feel after I'm done. Seeya guys.

Oh yeah, here's another old drawing I did that was colored by the mighty Austin Ivansmith. This was from when I worked at Video Video in Santa Cruz a few years back. It would have disappeared into obscurity had Austin not revitalized it with his skills.

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